More unit tests and bugfixes #7

inex merged 17 commits from more-tests into master 11 months ago
inex commented 11 months ago
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inex added 16 commits 11 months ago
103cb22e88 SSH coverage and bug fixes
d28388e3f1 Add coverage to drone CI
2f64397730 Fix imports
c6873c2af3 Add bandit to pipeline
14ccc6b8c0 Add formatting to pipeline
24c82af9e4 Try out Sonarqube
e2b1e072e1 Rename TOKEN to SONAR_TOKEN
6cc9b91683 Test if the issue is with getting secret
a12c445ed9 Test sonarqube without branch
9083151e8a Remove sonarqube from pipeline
2896f8d34d System resource coverage
749ea3afe8 Coverage for users object
039fc462ae Add subprocess mocking to users tests
inex added 1 commit 11 months ago
a66a407189 Merge branch 'master' of into more-tests
inex merged commit 13cef67204 into master 11 months ago
inex referenced this issue from a commit 11 months ago
inex deleted branch more-tests 3 months ago
continuous-integration/drone/pr Build is passing
continuous-integration/drone/push Build is passing
The pull request has been merged as 13cef67204.
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