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Merged #204 Updated translations 2023-03-14 1 week ago

Merged #202 Make Windows builds 1 month ago

Merged #201 Fix F-Droid Metadata 1 month ago

Merged #200 fix: Improve DigitalOcean server types filtering 1 month ago

Merged #197 fix packaging metadata 1 month ago

Merged #196 Set compileSdkVersion 1 month ago

Merged #193 fix/inex-ui 2 months ago

Merged #192 build(ios): Fix ios builds 2 months ago

Merged #190 fix: Improve dns checking on recovery 2 months ago

Merged #191 fix: Remove double protocol on opening a service link 2 months ago

Merged #189 Updated translations 2023-01-24 2 months ago

Merged #186 chore(translations): Add languages to md files 2 months ago

Merged #185 Include *.aab in Release Stage 2 months ago

Merged #183 Try to fix CI pipeline 2 months ago

Merged #159 ci: Enable AAB generation 3 months ago

Merged #158 docs: Add Digital Ocean how-to markdown and privacy policy 3 months ago

Merged #157 New Year release party 🎄🎉 (SP 0.8.0) 3 months ago

Merged #155 fix: Manage server deletion 3 months ago

Merged #153 feat: Implement logging for GraphQL API map 3 months ago

Merged #152 feat: Enable server provider logging 3 months ago

Merged #151 fix: Make recovery by API token endpoint expect GraphQL token 3 months ago

Merged #149 feat: Implement connection errors handling during initializing 4 months ago

Merged #140 feat(hosting): Implement Digital Ocean hosting support 4 months ago

Merged #148 feat: Add refresh indicator on Recovery Key page to support drag gestures 4 months ago

Merged #146 docs: Add brief list of critical packages for Linux build 5 months ago

Merged #145 refactor(server-api): Generalize and unify api response objects and DKIM usage 5 months ago

Merged #144 chore: Generate build runner models 5 months ago

Merged #141 feat(server-api): Migrate all server endpoints from REST to GraphQL 5 months ago

Merged #143 chore(dart): Fix warnings that appeared at Dart 2.18 SDK 5 months ago

Merged #142 fix(assets): Fix broken strings for network domain elements 5 months ago

Merged #139 fix(assets): Fix broken string for bytes on disk size 5 months ago

Merged #138 feat(timezone): Timezone search bar for the timezone selection screen 5 months ago

Merged #137 fix(assets): Remove string hardcode from domain setup page 5 months ago

Merged #135 fix(validations): Make validations and errors text more specific 6 months ago

Merged #134 refactor(job): Implement polymorphic behavior on creation for jobs 6 months ago

Merged #133 refactor(job): Make jobs execution polymorphic instead of relied on plain switch 6 months ago

Merged #132 fix(ui): New app bar now properly supports long titles 6 months ago

Merged #129 refactor(service): Get rid of legacy common enums 6 months ago

Merged #130 fix(i18l): Fix broken strings for configuration wizard 6 months ago

Merged #128 chore(i18l): Add all plurals to en locale 6 months ago

Merged #127 chore: Update translations 6 months ago

Merged #126 feat: MD3 app bars 6 months ago

Merged #125 merge: assets-refactor 6 months ago

Merged #122 Chore: Fix Metadata and Add README 6 months ago

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Proposed #181 Md text revision 3 months ago

Proposed #194 refactor: Migrate to Flutter 3.7 2 months ago

Proposed #203 WIP: UI Refactor and move to auto_route 4 weeks ago

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Opened #121 High power usage 6 months ago

Opened #156 Hetzner returns CPU usage% with each core adding 100% 3 months ago

Opened #162 Strange behavior of the space usage counter 3 months ago

Opened #163 No animation in the "device" screen when updating 3 months ago

Opened #164 No animation in the "restore key" menu 3 months ago

Opened #165 Checkboxes on server statistics behavior 3 months ago

Opened #166 Automatic task deletion 3 months ago

Opened #168 Background color in the dark theme not consistent with MD3 3 months ago

Opened #169 Share logs button 3 months ago

Opened #170 Support button 3 months ago

Opened #171 "Domain and DNS" errors 3 months ago

Opened #172 Strings fetched from the server are not translated 3 months ago

Opened #173 I can't select and copy text from the logs in the application 3 months ago

Opened #174 Unable to type new volume size yourself 3 months ago

Opened #175 Add a warning about password insecurity 3 months ago

Opened #176 Theme change depending on the selected in the system 3 months ago

Opened #177 Add a pin code (+fingerprint) to log in to the app 3 months ago

Opened #178 Update the text in the "about the project" "about the app" screens 3 months ago

Opened #179 Running two migrations at the same time 3 months ago

Opened #180 Make this phrase easier for ordinary people to understand 3 months ago

Opened #182 Add UI tips for clickable cards 2 months ago

Opened #195 Block actions with the server during migration 1 month ago

Opened #198 Missing privacy policy 1 month ago

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